Our Mission

CHARGI CHARGI has the mission to take the pain out of charging, painless charging – That’s our aim! No more slow charging phones, dead batteries or insufficient USB plugs, we have a solution for everybody. Whether you are an ANDROID or IOS geek, or more of an APPLE WATCH fan, we have a solution for anyone looking to improve the charging efficiency of their device.

Our Approach

Through extensive product & manufacturer research CHARGI CHARGI identified the most efficient and advanced charging products available worldwide. As we buy our products straight from the manufacturer we are able to offer our clients a fair price and FREE DELIVERY (orders €15+).

Our Stories

Our founder went through a series of charging-struggles over the past years, apart from frustrations because of empty batteries it also disconnects us from our daily routine, which causes problems. A solution had to be there, and here it is! We sourced the most advanced charging products for USB devices, not only in terms of speed but also user friendly with an appealing design.

Our Philosophy

We aim to bring you products that are hard to source elsewhere at a competitive price with reasonable delivery times. Wireless is the future, mobile phones are our work-toys, we need them in optimal state at all times. All our products have been used and tested by thousands of people, if our customers are not happy with the product (which we doubt), we offer a 14 day return policy.

Chargichargi is really a gamechanger for the mobile industry, apart from using the latest wireless charging technology, chargichargi.com also managed to keep their prices low. Done are the times of broken, slow-charging cables, wireless is the way to go! And in those cases when a cable is needed, their extremelly popular 4in1 cable will work magics when you have visitors over in your house.